A strategic diversity plan for The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences addresses the imperatives of a sustained diversity initiative. This plan is comprehensive in that it confronts issues of diversity within the ranks of students, faculty, and staff. It emphasizes the importance of an inclusive learning environment, extending beyond the classroom, into the community. The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences, guided by its core values of caring, collaboration, integrity, and excellence strives to offer its students, faculty, and staff a positive learning and working environment. TCCNHS recognizes the importance of providing an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and seeks to foster growth in several ways.

The College’s Diversity Task Force has created a three‐year plan to promote diversity efforts. Its three focus areas are the following:

  1. Campus Climate
  2. Recruitment, Retention, and Satisfaction of Students from Underrepresented Populations
  3. Recruitment and Retention of Faculty and Staff from Underrepresented Populations


Within each focus area, multiple outcomes are identified, with strategies of how each outcome shall be achieved. Additionally, each outcome is partnered with multiple metrics, indicating how the outcomes are measured.

Follow the link for the TCCNHS Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan.

Diversity Statistics

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