Did you know APA style is more than a reference page and an understanding of internal citations?

It’s an editorial style guide developed by the American Psychological Association (APA) and is the standard for classes here at TCC as well as in fields like nursing and the social sciences.

A style guide? What is that?!

It’s a way to ensure all documentation is written in a uniform manner so it’s consistent. It dictates nuances like whether the numerical date should be written before the month or after the month, and whether a comma separates an author’s last name from the year of publication or a page number. It also provides guidelines for attributing your work.

Most companies use style guides so that all their branding and documentation looks the same. Similarly, you’ll find that all scholarly articles pertaining to the social sciences will use APA Style.

There are a multitude of different style guides that exist. You may have used the Modern Language Association’s (MLA) style guide for English papers in high school. It has its own unique set of guidelines. APA style is different, so don’t get hung up on the shift! There are lots of details to pay attention to, but there are also lots of resources and guides to help you along the way.

You’ll become more familiar with APA rules for formatting and citation as you progress throughout your college career. It’s not something you need to memorize. There are plenty of guides to help you remember the rules, so focus on your writing, then be meticulous with double-checking formatting and citations.

Some helpful materials and resources are as follows:


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