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Bookstore FAQ

What if I want to shop online for my books?

For your convenience and in compliance with regulatory standards, a book list for all courses with book titles and ISBN numbers is available by course at least three weeks before classes begin each semester. We strongly recommend you shop through Joseph-Beth, as they will manage all your needs right on campus. Please be advised that if you shop through another online vendor, The Christ College cannot make any guarantees to assist you in resolving your book orders.

Can I sell my used textbooks back to Joseph-Beth?

Yes, you can sell back your textbooks for 25% of list price in the form of an in-store credit. The buy back period begins coming soon. For details on the condition of books we are willing to accept please click here.

If I receive financial aid, do I qualify for a book voucher?

You might. Contact the Office of Financial Aid at 513-585-2402 for more details.