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2020-2021 College CatalogLast Updated "Admissions" on August 24, 2020


Admissions Information

Admission Requirements

Updated 9/18/15

Admission requirements for each program can be found online. Meeting admission requirements does not guarantee admittance into the College. The College reserves the right to delete, substitute, change, or supplement any statement without prior notice.

Refer to the College website for admissions information and program specific requirements.

Provisional Acceptance

Added 9/18/15

Students seeking admission into the College who do not meet one or more of the program specific admission requirements may choose to pursue provisional acceptance. The admissions committee reviews applications submitted for provisional acceptance after the conclusion of the admissions deadline. Offers of admission are offered as space permits.

In order to qualify for review by the committee an applicant must complete the following:

  • Completed and submitted online application for the program desired
  • Official, sealed transcripts from each institution attended (both high school and college)
  • Two completed reference forms (obtained from the admissions office)
  • Personal statement, outlining why the applicant should be considered for admission into the College, not exceeding one page


Updated 8-24-20

Former students seeking to be readmitted into the College must complete the following:

  • Submit a current online application
  • Submit official transcripts from all institutions they have attended (except for TCCNHS)
  • Meet the current admission requirements for the program into which they are seeking admission
  • Personal statement, outlining why you are seeking readmission, not exceeding one page
  • All previous balances at the College must be settled before the application deadline.

The Admissions Committee and/or the applicable Academic Dean review the application. Readmission into the College is not guaranteed and is handled on a case-by-case basis. All students who are granted readmission fall under the current policies and graduation requirements. This may result in loss of prior credit due to curriculum changes that have taken place during the lapse of enrollment.

Students who have been dismissed from a nursing program due to two nursing course failures must wait 2 years before reapplying to the nursing program.

Matriculation Fee Policy

Updated 8-24-20

Upon receiving a letter of admission into The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences, BSN and ABSN students are given 30 days in order to pay the non-refundable matriculation fee to hold their clinical seat in the upcoming class.

Opt-out Disclosure

Students have the right to restrict the release of promotional photographs, interviews, or videos at The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences (hereafter “TCCNHS”). TCCNHS may use or post with the purpose of promoting TCCNHS without written consent, unless you have advised TCCNHS to the contrary in accordance with TCCNHS procedures. The primary purpose of this disclosure is to allow TCCNHS to include photographs, videos or interviews in school publications, college website, and social media sites. Examples include:

  • Publications and marketing materials, such the annual college view book
  • Photographs, videos, interviews for promotional print and online publications
  • Photos, videos, or interviews for social media sites

Any matriculated student who wishes to be excluded from such publications and online postings should write a letter, signed and dated, expressing their “opt-out” preference. Letters should be mailed to:

The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences Attn: Marketing & Recruitment Office 2139 Auburn Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45219