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2022-2023 College CatalogLast Updated "Financial Aid" on October 13, 2022

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office at The Christ College assists students and parents with successfully navigating the financial aid process from beginning to end. Financial aid is intended to assist students who otherwise would be unable to finance their education. All financial aid in the form of federal loans and grants is administered by the Financial Aid Office under the policies established by the Federal and State governmental guidelines. Eligibility is based on the demonstrated financial need of the student and/or the student’s family and on registered credit hours.


Added 8/29/2022

The U.S. Department of Education mandates schools use the verification process to check the accuracy and completeness of data provided on the selected applicant’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To learn more about the verification process, click here to visit Compliance Bridge and search Financial Aid Verification.

Code of Conduct

Added 8/29/2022

In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), institutions of higher learning are to develop and comply with a code of conduct with regards to the administration of educational student loans. To learn more, click here to visit Compliance Bridge and search Financial Aid Office Code of Conduct.

Student Grade Level

Edited 8/29/2022

Eligibility for federal, state, and institutional aid will be determined in part by total credit hours earned by the student. Students attending The College will be classified by grade level based upon the number of credit hours earned. Transfer credit hours that have been officially accepted by The College will be counted towards a student’s earned hours when determining grade level. For more information about credit hours earned and grade classification levels, click here to visit Compliance Bridge and search Academic (Grade) Level Classification.

Disbursements and Refunds

Updated 2/12/2020; Edited 8/29/2022

Financial aid is first applied to all outstanding balances owed to The College by the student for each semester. Financial aid funds are applied each semester after the 100% refund period of the semester. The amount of the award applied to tuition costs is determined in part by the amount of registered credit hours for each student in each semester. Student loan proceeds will not be received and disbursed by The College until the student has electronically signed their Master Promissory Note (MPN) and met all other eligibility requirements.

If financial aid funds are more than enough to cover all outstanding balances owed to The College for the semester, then a student may be eligible for a refund of student financial aid funds. Excess financial aid funds are processed by the Student Accounts office through our third party vendor Nelnet Campus Commerce. Students will be notified by Nelnet when a refund has been processed which occurs typically during the fifth week of the semester. Refunds will either be made by direct deposit or by check depending on how the student is managing their refunds in Nelnet. For more information, please contact the Student Accounts office.

Any changes to a student’s registered hours in a semester or financial aid record can delay the disbursement of funds and the processing and/or receipt of student refunds. In the event a student receives a refund of financial aid funds and subsequently becomes ineligible for the refund, the student is responsible for repaying The College for the amount they are no longer eligible to receive.

Any unearned amount of institutional charges and federal financial aid must be returned to the Financial Aid program, other sources of aid, or the student as a refund, as defined by federal, state and institutional regulations.

For more information, please click here to visit the Compliance Bridge Policy Portal and search Financial Aid Refund Policy.

Financial Aid Book Voucher Process

The Christ College together with Joseph-Beth Booksellers has developed the following guidelines and procedures for students who wish to use their anticipated financial aid refund to purchase required and recommended books and supplies. Eligible students may only receive a book voucher at the Financial Aid Office.

Book Voucher Eligibility

To be eligible for a TCC Book Voucher, a student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a valid FAFSA on file with TCC.
  2. Have completed verification process with the financial aid office, if applicable.
  3. Have signed a master promissory note (MPN) for Direct Student Loans, if applicable.
  4. Have a completed financial aid file.
  5. Be in good standing of Academic and Financial Aid SAP policies.
  6. Have registered for a minimum of 6 credit hours.
  7. Have financial aid in excess of tuition charges for the semester.
  8. Have no outstanding balances owed to The College for the current or previous semesters.

Book Voucher Guidelines

  1. Only one book voucher per student.
  2. Book vouchers are only available for fall, spring and summer semesters.
  3. Book vouchers expire at close of business on the final day of the 100% refund period.
  4. No book vouchers will be given after the final day of the 100% refund period.
  5. Can receive up to $1000 in a book voucher depending on individual eligibility. A minimum of $100 must be available in a pending refund to process a book voucher.
  6. Students are not permitted to purchase books or supplies for other students.
  7. Only required or recommended books and supplies for the currently enrolled semester will be permitted.
  8. Book vouchers must be used at the Joseph-Beth at Christ Hospital store only to purchase required or recommended books and supplies.
  9. At time of purchase, student must show Joseph-Beth Booksellers their College ID badge or photo ID.
  10. Only the Director of Business Services or approved College designee are authorized to sign the TCC Book Voucher Form.

Book Voucher Process

Edited 8/29/2022

  1. Book Voucher Forms are available at the Financial Aid Office beginning one week prior to the start of the semester or at designated dates as determined by TCC in conjunction with Joseph-Beth.
  2. Book voucher requests will not be processed by email or phone. Requests must be made in person at the Financial Aid Office.
  3. A book and supplies fee will be charged to the student account for the amount invoiced by Joseph-Beth Booksellers.
  4. The completed book voucher should be considered as cash and if a student misplaces the voucher or loses the voucher, another voucher will not be issued.
  5. For a first purchase at Joseph-Beth at the Christ Hospital store, students will be required to give Joseph-Beth the Financial Aid voucher. Joseph-Beth will set up an account in the student’s name and in return, provide the student with a Special Payment Card with the allotted financial aid loaded on the card. Each time the student makes a purchase, s/he will need to pay with this card. This is considered cash and if a student misplaces the Payment Card, another voucher will not be issued.
  6. The Joseph-Beth Payment Card can only be used at Joseph-Beth at Christ Hospital and the student must present their College ID or photo ID at the time of purchase.
  7. Joseph-Beth Booksellers will reconcile with TCC approximately 30 days after the start of each semester. Approved book vouchers will expire the day after the 100% tuition refund schedule of The College.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Edited 8/29/2022

Just as TCC has certain rights and responsibilities relative to financial aid awards and disbursements, so does the student. For more information about Student Rights and Student Responsibilities relative to financial aid, please click here to visit Compliance Bridge and search Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Added 8/29/2022

Any student receiving any type of federal, state or institutional aid is required to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to continue to receive financial aid at The Christ College. Federal regulations stipulate that each student’s entire academic record be reviewed for Satisfactory Academic progress, including terms for which a student did not receive financial aid. For more information, please click here to access Compliance Bridge and search Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress.