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Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Department is an evolving entity at The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences (TCC). We continue to process change, development, and transformation, not only at the college or within the work of the department, but also in the surrounding communities of the college.

We are committed to creating a campus environment that values, appreciates, and celebrates diversity while promoting inclusiveness, multiculturalism, and global awareness. We will know that inclusive excellence is achieved when all individuals on the campus of TCC feel welcomed, respected, and encouraged to achieve their goals.

Anita Frazier - MBA, AAAED Consultant – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Anita.Frazier@thechristcollege.edu

Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Location:

The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences Medical Office Building, Suite 306 2123 Auburn Ave Cincinnati, OH 45219

Office Telephone: (513) 585-0180 Fax: (513) 585-3540

Definition of Diversity

The definition of diversity at The Christ College of Nursing is broad; it includes, but is not limited to, individual differences, such as personality, learning styles and life experiences, and group/social differences such as age, race and ethnicity, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, language, nationality, physical and mental abilities, political viewpoint, and religion (Adapted from Association of American Colleges & Universities, 2009).

Office of Diversity

The mission of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences is to promote the academic and personal growth of all students regardless of variations in thoughts, experiences, values and traditions. We consider the rich diversity of our students, faculty, and staff to be both a defining characteristic and an essential source of the strength of our college.

Years of research has shown that diversity in a welcoming and respectful environment, will encourage critical thinking, help reduce stereotypes, and will strengthen the ability to communicate and work across lines of identity and differences. We consider these to be essential skills needed in a globally-connected world. We are committed to providing a diverse learning environment that all students need to grow into the leaders and productive citizens in the healthcare industry.

We believe that diversity enhances the learning experience by exposing and challenging us to consider, weigh and value the thoughts, experiences and practices of others different from ourselves. Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values point out that inclusion is part of our purpose, and in our Diversity Plan we embrace that our college can achieve excellence if we are diverse.

Please use this link to read more about our Vision, Mission, and Core Values.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is comprised of faculty, staff and students who are invested in furthering The Christ College’s educational and cultural commitment to preparing students for delivery of healthcare in a diverse world. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee strives to ensure that the College environment is diverse, inclusive, representative of our community, and provides equal opportunity for each student, faculty, and staff member to succeed.

Committee Chair

Anita M. Frazier, MBA, AMA
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
The Christ College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Email: anita.frazier@thechristcollege.edu

Phone: 513-585-0180

Office: MOB, Suite 306

Diversity & Inclusion Learning Resources

Creating a Culture of Inclusion Interactive Presentation

Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity - An Introduction

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

  • The Cincinnati Pride Parade - Thank you to those of you that participated in the 2019 Cincinnati Pride Parade.
  • The Black Family Reunion - Thank you to those of you that participated in the 2019 Black Family Reunion. I hope you will join us in 2020.
  • In accordance with the Strategic Plan and Diversity Action Plan, The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences has engaged/will engage in the following activities.

    • Student Initiatives

    • The student diversity group, Bridging The Gap, is up and running. They took to the streets to deliver a brown bag lunch to the homeless, honored and celebrated National Coming Out Week, and on 1120 will be feeding the hungry at Church of Our Savior in Mt. Auburn.

    • A total of $100,000 in Minority/Diversity Scholarship awards were received by 20 TCCNHS students, each receiving $5,000 for the academic year 2019-20.

    • Thank you, students, for participating in the Student Campus Climate Survey.

    • Classroom presentations on Informed Discussions, Microaggressions, and Unconscious Biases. This year, the DEI Office is also presenting on Culturally Competency In Health Care.

    • Let’s “Taco” ‘bout Diversity. Bridging The Gap held a student focused information session and discussion about diversity. The discussion was focused around the LGBTQ+ Community.

    • Let’s Chat discussions - About how the Office of Diversity & Inclusion can be of assistance to students.

    • Diversity Mentorship Program - TCC students were paired with RNs from The Christ Hospital that serve as their mentor for the school year.

    • The annual TCCHNSGiving celebration. Students enjoyed a holiday meal served to them by the Deans and President Kist-Kline.

    • The Holiday Giving Tree. Students donated items to help ensure that five Mt. Auburn families had a happy holiday.

    • Black History Celebration. Students celebrated by enjoying music (R&B, Jazz, Spiritual, etc) and servings of Peach Cobbler and Banana Pudding. a reception type celebration by enjoying

    • Faculty/Staff Initiatives

    • Faculty and Staff Professional Development continuing education topics have covered:

    • Overcoming Implicit Bias in Higher Education: How to Recruit, Hire, Manage, and Retain a Diverse Team of Academic Faculty

    • Understanding First-Generation Students and Their Needs

    • Workplace Environments with Multi-generational Co-workers

    • Why Our Language Matters: Integrating the LGBTQ Community into Your Campus Policies and Procedures

    • The Importance of Cultural Competency

    • Cultural Sensitivity vs Cultural Competency

    • Informed Discussions

    • TCC welcomed Patrice Borders who presented on Microaggressions/Unconscious Biases: Diversity & Inclusion in the Classroom/Workplace

    • Luncheon to celebrate TCC’s Women In History - Alumni of TCC discussed during lunch, their experiences as a student when attending The Christ School of Nursing and The Christ College.

    • Community Initiatives

    • Students, faculty, and staff participate in the School Supply Drive, Winter Coat Drive, and Adopt-a-Family Gift Drive conducted in collaboration with the Mt. Auburn Chamber of Commerce and Taft Elementary.

    • To fulfill the mission of the College, Service Learning in the Community is a required series of courses in the nursing curriculum which places students in various service sites that serve diverse audiences in the Cincinnati area for 30 hours total over their educational experience.

    • Students, faculty, and staff participated in the Annual Mt. Auburn Adopt A Family Holiday Gala. Five families were recipients of Christmas gifts and household supplies.

    • Students, faculty, and staff are collecting water and nonperishables for families in Dayton, Ohio who were impacted and suffered tornado damage.

    • TCC welcomed students from Woodward High School for a full Discovery Day which included a welcome to the campus from President, Dr. Kist-Kline presentation from the Admissions Department, the Simulation Department, a tour of TCHHN, a tour of TCC, and lunch.

    • TCC welcomed students from Hughes High School for a full Discovery Day which included a welcome to the campus from President, Dr. Kist-Kline presentation from the Admissions Department, the Simulation Department, a tour of TCHHN, a tour of TCC, and lunch.

    • Collaboration with Network

    • The Cincinnati Gay Pride Parade- College’s D&I Committee members continue to collaborate with TCHHN D&I Council as we prepare to participate in The Cincinnati Pride Parade. Please email anita.frazier@thechristcollege.edu if you are interested in walking in the parade, Saturday, June 22, 2019.

    • The Cincinnati Gay Pride Booth- College’s D&I Committee members continue to collaborate with TCHHN D&I Councilto staff a booth at The Cincinnati Pride Parade 12-5 on Saturday, June 22, 2019. Please emailanita.frazier@thechristcollege.eduif you are interested in helping to staff the booth.

    • The Midwest Black Family Reunion (BFR)- College’s D&I Committee members collaborate with TCHHN D&I Council to staff a booth at The Black Family Reunion on Saturday, August 17th and Sunday, August 18th, 2019, 12-8 pm. Please email the date and time you would like to help staff the booth to anita.frazier@thechristcollege.edu.

    • The Diversity Mentorship Program is a partnership with the hospital’s working nurse professionals to promote the hiring of diverse nursing graduates into The Christ Hospital Health Network.

    • The College’s D&I Committee members collaborated with TCHHN D&I Council and Network Learning to serve as faculty facilitators for the D & I workshop series which is offered to all network employees

    • The College’s D&I Committee members continue to collaborate with TCHHN D&I Council on training, updates, and changes on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI). To learn more, please see the modules listed on this page.

Bridging the Gap


Diversity & Inclusion Scholarships

Current and upcoming scholarship opportunities. The links are not live, please copy and paste the URL to open in your browser.

TCCNHS Minority Scholarship


Opens February 1st Deadline April 1st

Below is a list of local scholarships that may help students pursue their dreams of higher education. You are encouraged to visit the website to confirm the information prior to applying[](https://cincinnatizetas.org/welscholarship/)[](https://cincinnatizetas.org/welscholarship/)

Wilma E. Lacy Memorial Scholarship

https://cincinnatizetas.org/welscholarship/Deadline: January

Must have completed 1 semester/12 credit hours towards an undergraduate degree at an accredited 2- or 4-year college or university in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Mamie Earl Sells Scholarship


Deadline: January

Must be a Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky high school female with a 3.0 GPA.

Fred Heisel Jr. Grant

Deadline: February

Must be a male high school student with a 2.8 GPA and letter acceptance to a higher institution.

Delta Sigma Theta Scholastic Achievement Award


Deadline: February

Must be a female high school senior preferably of African American descent with a 2.75 GPA and community service.

Rising Stars Scholarship Program


Deadline: February

Must be a male high school senior with a GPA of 3.0 or higher with a strong commitment to continual education and community service. Must also demonstrate financial need.

DGL Cincinnati Foundation Scholarship


Deadline: March

Must be a graduating male senior of the Greater Cincinnati schools with high academic achievement.

Archbishop Alter Scholarship


Deadline: April

Must demonstrate economic need, academic potential, leadership potential, parish involvement, community involvement, career goals and motivation.

Caleb Brown Jr. Scholarship


Deadline: April

Must be a male high school graduate of a Cincinnati-area school.

Erica J. Holloman Scholarships


Deadline: April

Must be a female currently enrolled at an accredited four-year university in the greater Cincinnati area with a minimum GPA of 2.5. A second scholarship is available under this name for a graduating female senior with a 3.0 – 4.0 GPA.

Red Rose Scholarship Senior Award


Deadline: April

Must be a high school senior with good community service and academic achievement.

Minority Empowerment Initiative Trust Scholarship


Deadline: May

Must be a high school graduate living in the Diocese of Southern Ohio, who have been admitted to an accredited school or program of advanced learning are eligible to apply for a grant. Priority is given to those students with the greatest economic need, as judged by the MEIT board.

Doris Larkin McAdams Memorial Scholarship


Deadline: January

Must be a female high school senior graduating from Greater Cincinnati area attending an accredited 4-year college or university.