The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and students who are invested in furthering The Christ College’s educational and cultural commitment to preparing students for delivery of healthcare in a diverse world. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee strives to ensure that the College environment is diverse, inclusive, representative of our community, and provides equal opportunity for each student, faculty, and staff member to succeed.

As part of The Christ College of Nursing and Health Science Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan for 2016-2020, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee has been charged with publishing an annual diversity report that highlights the achievements and progress of the institution during each academic year.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee Leadership

Over the past four years, the following people have served as chairs of the TCCNHS Diversity and Inclusion Committee and produced the Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report.

2014-15: Dana Newkirk 2015-16: Travis Speice 2016-17: Elisabeth Timmerman 2017-18: Josephine Kershaw 2018-Current: Anita Frazier 2017-2018 Active Members of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Diversity and Inclusion: Committee Members:

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In accordance with the Strategic Plan and Diversity Action Plan, the Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences has engaged in the activities below. Official bylaws of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee were adopted in April 2018.

Student Initiatives

$100,000 for Minority/Diversity Scholarships began in academic year 2017-18. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee worked with the College’s Financial Aid Office to formulate the criteria for the Minority Scholarships. Committee members reviewed applicants and selected the inaugural scholarship recipients.

To provide up-to-date and comparative information, the College analyzed data from the 2017-18 Noel Levitz student surveys and presented the results at Leadership and D&I Committee meetings.

General education and Nursing courses contained instruction on community needs and problem-solving approaches to meet real-world challenges in diverse communities, supplemented by focused workshops and field trips on diversity topics such as world religions, health promotion and wellness. Student Congress representatives served on the College’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Let’s Chat – Student engagement series where students meet with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant to discuss “campus climate, campus inclusion, topics of their choice relating to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Cultural Awareness is celebrated monthly in accordance with designated national multicultural celebrations such as National Asian Pacific Month, National Black History Month, National Hispanic Month, LGTBQ – Gay Pride Month, National Women in History, Month, etc.

Faculty/Staff Initiatives

A new full-time Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant/staff member was hired in 2018.

March 14, 2018, approximately 25 faculty and staff participated in the “Creating a Culture of Inclusion” professional development workshop.

October 16, 2018, faculty and staff members participated in Part 1 of Microaggression professional development workshop. Part 2 is scheduled to take place on April 30, 2019.

February 18, 2019, How to Ensure Inclusion in the Classroom presentation conducted for faculty and staff.

Community Initiatives

Students, faculty, and staff have participated in the School Supply Drive, Winter Coat Drive, and Adopt-a-Family Gift Drive conducted in collaboration with the Mt. Auburn Chamber of Commerce and Taft Elementary.

To fulfill the mission of the College, Service Learning in the Community, a required series of courses in the nursing curriculum, placed students in various service sites that serve diverse audiences in the Cincinnati area for 30 hours total over their educational experience.

Collaboration with The Christ Hospital Health Network

The Diversity Mentorship Program has continued as a partnership with The Christ Hospital’s working nurse professionals to promote the hiring of diverse nursing graduates into The Christ Hospital Health Network. Eight minority student mentees and eight nurse mentors were matched in the 2018-19 academic year.


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