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General Studies Program
Program and Curriculum Information

General Studies

The curriculum is based on the required 60 semester credit hours and is designed to be completed full time or part time.  The Associate of Science in General Studies degree is a good option for a student who is seeking a two-year degree that will give them a strong foundation in the Liberal Arts and Sciences. Graduates of this program will be well-positioned to continue their education at the Bachelor’s degree level at The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences or an institution of their choice.

This degree will also benefit numerous health care professionals who have earned a certification in their desired profession and are seeking to add an accredited degree behind their name. Whether you are a Medical Assistant, Community Paramedic, or a Patient Care Assistant, the Associate of Science in General Studies degree is a great option to further your education.

Additionally, students can choose to enroll in five Healthcare Administration courses for an HCA Concentration or take coursework that will help you to continue on with a degree in nursing or medical sonography.

A semester equals fifteen (15) instructional weeks. Seven and a half week semesters (7.5) week class times are adjusted accordingly to meet credit allocations.

Entry Terms

  • Students may be admitted to TCC for the Fall, Spring, or Summer Terms.

General Studies Curriculum

General Education Curriculum

Course Number

ENG 101

MAT 105

STAT 201


Course Title

English Composition

College Algebra


Foundations for Success (Required if student does not transfer at least 15 college credits)

Natural Sciences, Technology, & Innovation Electives

Arts, Humanities, Culture & Diversity Electives

Social & Behavioral Sciences Electives

Communication Electives

Concentration Track or Unrestricted/Free Electives

Total Core Curriculum:

Credit Hours












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General Studies program.

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