Students may qualify for refunds as a result of financial aid awards or overpayment in excess of charges during the semester. Credits will be initially refunded to the student (or co-signer on a Parent Plus Loan) no later than the fifth (5th) week of the term. After the initial processing of refunds at the start of the semester, refunds will be processed on a weekly basis throughout the semester.

All refunds are processed by Nelnet, online payments processor. Students may log on to Nelnet to select their preferred refund method at any time.

Students may choose from the following options in receiving their refund:

1. Direct deposit - Students may elect to receive the refund via direct deposit. Funds will be electronically transferred into the account holder’s checking or savings account approximately 1-2 business days from the refund processing date.

2. Check – Students may elect to receive the refund via paper check mailed to the student’s mailing address listed in SONIS. If no preferred refund method is selected, the default option for the refund will be a paper check. Students should expect to receive paper checks approximately 3-14 business days from the refund processing date.

3. Credit applied to next semester – Refunds that result in a credit can also be held on a student’s account to be used toward the next semester’s bill within the academic year. Students should complete the FSA Form to authorize the Student Accounts Office to hold credit on the student’s account to the next semester within the academic year. FSA Form - Authorization to Hold Credit on Student Account

Once refunds are disbursed, students will receive an email from Nelnet notifying them that their refund will be submitted for processing. The student has 24 hours from this time to update their preferred refund method.

To access the refund portal in Nelnet, log on to SONIS, then select ‘Financial’ > ‘Billing’ > ‘Click here to access Nelnet’. Once logged into Nelnet, the student can access the refund portal by clicking ‘Manage Refunds’.


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