The Christ College of Nursing & Health Sciences (TCC) values encompass Caring, Collaboration, Integrity, and Excellence. Safety and Wellness works to embody these values through the assessment, care, education, interventions, and support it provides. Contact Meghan Hollowell, 513-585-4841 or for information or support on any of the following areas.

For urgent safety issues, call Safety and Security at 513-585-2222 or 911 for local police and first responders.

Safety and Wellness Training

Student and Employee annual trainings are developed/updated and released on an annual basis. They are available 24/7/365.

Employee training is available on the Hospital Network’s Training Platform. Topics include Emergency and Risk Management, Employee Safety and Wellness Issues Update, Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response, and Student Services and Support.

The training components for students are Legal Nuts and Bolts and Sexual Misconduct Prevention.

The full student training should take less than 90 minutes to complete. The two different components–Legal Nuts and Bolts, and Sexual Misconduct–include nine short training modules in total, each lasting anywhere from 4 to 13 minutes.

Legal Nuts and Bolts covers a variety of topics that students at The Christ College need to know, including emergency preparedness and response, data security, non-discrimination, and more. The second component is focused on Sexual Misconduct and is broken into five small parts.

Federal law requires TCC to provide training on these topics to all students upon entry and annually thereafter. To meet these obligations and be able to register for classes, students must complete all parts of the Safety and Wellness training on an annual basis and submit verification of completion by clicking here.

Students can access Safety and Wellness trainings by clicking the links below.

Component One: Legal Nuts and Bolts

Emergency Response

Data Security


Alcohol and Other Drugs

Component Two: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Introduction - Less than 12 minutes

Sexual Violence and Consent - 9 minutes

Sexual Violence in Relationships, Bystander Intervention and Retaliation – less than 12 minutes

Reporting – 9.5 minutes

Complaint Resolution Process – 13 minutes

Other Important Resources:

Mental Health Information

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Title IX: It’s on Us and Pregnancy/Parenting


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