How do I access Safety and Wellness Training?

The full training will take approximately 1hr and 25 minutes to complete. There are two different components with nine short training modules lasting from 4 minutes up to 13 minutes each. You may stop during the training and come back at a later time to finish the process.

Students new to TCCNHS and returning students are expected to complete the Safety and Wellness Training each calendar year (January-December).

The training components are Legal Nuts and Bolts and Sexual Misconduct Prevention. Begin Safety and Wellness Training by clicking the links below to all parts of the training program:

Component One: Legal Nuts and Bolts

Emergency Response (10 minutes plus two videos: 5:55 and 7:45 for total of 23:40)

Data Security (8 Min 15 sec)

Non-Discrimination (4 Minutes)

Alcohol and Other Drugs (4 Min 20 sec)

Component Two: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Introduction - Less than 12 minutes

Sexual Violence and Consent - 9 minutes

Sexual Violence in Relationships, Bystander Intervention and Retaliation – less than 12 minutes

Reporting – 9.5 minutes

Complaint Resolution Process – 13 minutes

For questions about the content of the programs, contact Maureen Schwab, Associate Dean of Compliance, 513-585-2055 or


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