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Safety and Wellness

How do I access Safety and Wellness Training?

The full training will take approximately 1hr and 25 minutes to complete. There are two different components with nine short training modules lasting from 4 minutes up to 14 minutes each. You may stop during the training and come back later to finish the process.

Students new to TCC and returning students are expected to complete the Safety and Wellness Training each calendar year (January-December).

The training components are Legal Nuts and Bolts and Sexual Misconduct Prevention. Begin Safety and Wellness Training by clicking the links below to all parts of the training program:

Emergency Response (10 minutes plus two videos: 5:55 and 7:45 for total of 23:40)

Data Security (8 Min 15 sec)

Non-Discrimination (4 Minutes)

Alcohol and Other Drugs (4 Minutes and 25 sec)

Component Two: Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training

Introduction– (About 14 minutes including pre-survey)

Sexual Violence and Consent– (8 minutes 45 sec)

Sexual Violence in Relationships, Bystander Intervention and Retaliation– (less than 12 minutes)

Reporting– (9.5 minutes)

Complaint Resolution Process– (13 minutes including post-survey and verification)

If you have questions about the programs or if you have technical difficulties contact Maureen Schwab, Associate Dean of Compliance, 513-585-2055 or Maureen.Schwab@theChristCollege.edu