The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences Scholarships

The College offers a variety of scholarships to incoming and current students. Our scholarship awards can range anywhere from $250 to $7500 per year. Scholarship awards will vary based on available funds. Scholarship applications will be reviewed based on academic merit from your most recent college or high school cumulative grade point average and in some cases financial need.

Please note not all students who apply for scholarships are guaranteed to receive an award. Notification of awards will be emailed to students each May. Scholarship applications are available online beginning February 1st of each year unless otherwise noted per the scholarship.

Scholarship application submission deadlines:
Choose Ohio First Scholarship May 1st,
General Scholarships May 1st,
Diversity Equity & Inclusion Scholarship May 1st.

TCC Scholarships and Grants available: click here for more information on the scholarships/grants listed below.

  • Choose Ohio First Scholarship
  • The Christ College Scholars Award
  • TCCNHS General Scholarships
  • TCCNHS Minority/DEI Scholarship
  • The Bluegrass Benefit Tuition Grant
  • Multi-Family Tuition Grant

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