Expected Outcomes:

  • Provide supportive and knowledgeable academic advising to students
  • Provide social and educational opportunities for students to engage with the College community
  • Coordinate effective delivery of academic accommodations for qualified students

Academic Advising and New Student Orientation

The academic advisors assist and guide students during their academic path at The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences (TCCNHS). Starting with New Student Orientation and throughout a student’s enrollment, the advisors will help develop educational plans, identify the appropriate coursework needed to progress towards graduation, and recommend strategies and resources for students to be academically successful.

New Student Orientation - Incoming students who are not in a fully online program will attend a New Student Orientation day (NSO). At NSO, students will meet with their Academic Advisor, review their educational plans and degree audits, register for their first semester of classes, and have their picture taken for their Student ID.

Some of the advisor responsibilities include:

  • Helping students set realistic academic and professional goals
  • Working with students to address academic issues, or issues related to their professional or personal skills
  • Assist students through the registration process

Student Success Center

Welcome to the Student Success Center at TCC. We’re here to support your needs in the following areas:

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Impact Student Life Assistance Program

IMPACT: (866) 780-0855

The IMPACT Student Life Assistance Program is a resource to help students manage emotional and academic stress and the demands associated with balancing school, work, daily living, family and relationship concerns. All IMPACT counselors are qualified masters/doctoral level professionals. The IMPACT Program includes access to:

  • 24/7 live in-the-moment support at (866) 780-0855
  • Up to 3 face-to-face coaching/counseling sessions per issue
  • Daily living resources and referral assistance
  • Eligibility includes household members, dependents in/away from home and parents/parent-in-laws

You can find more resources on Blackboard.

Student Success Department Personnel

Meghan Hollowell, Ed.D.
Dean, Academic Support Services

Evangelina Figueroa, MS
Director of Student Services

Brittany York, MA
Student Success Center Coordinator

Brittany Meyer, M.Ed.
Academic Advising and Student Success Coordinator Brittany.Meyer@thechristcollege.edu

Kaila Ryan, M.Ed.
Academic Advising and Student Success Coordinator

Emily Stevens, M.Ed.
Academic Advising and Student Success Coordinator


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