The Academy Program

The Christ College and The Christ Hospital Health Network are excited to announce a unique scholarship and employment opportunity to the senior-level bachelor of science (BSN) and accelerated bachelor of science nursing (ABSN) students graduating in December 2022 and May 2023. To indicate your interest in signing the agreement for The Academy Program, please complete this survey:

What is The Academy Program?

  • The Academy Program will cover the tuition for students in the final two semesters of the BSN program and Accelerated BSN programs.
  • In return, the student will agree to work for The Christ Hospital Health Network for a period no less than two years after graduation. This will allow students to go tuition-free in their final two semesters in exchange for a two-year work commitment.

Why The Academy Program?

  • The Academy Program positions The College and The Christ Hospital Health Network to uniquely maximize their collective potential to become the destination of choice for those seeking an entry-level nursing career.
  • The program supports students during their final stretch of nursing education, greatly reducing out-of-pocket expenses or additional student loans.
  • The program also promotes a seamless pathway from college to career at the region’s most preferred hospital.

What are the Responsibilities of Students, The College, and The Christ Hospital Health Network?

Responsibilities of Students:

  • Complete the undergraduate degree program at The College no later than May 2023 and pass the NCLEX licensure exam.
  • Apply to and follow the hiring procedure of the Human Resources Department at The Christ Hospital Health Network.
  • Sign a work agreement with The Christ Hospital Health Network.
  • Become employed at The Christ Hospital Health Network as a registered nurse within 90 days of graduation.

Responsibilities of The College:

  • Provide high-quality education for completion of the degree requirements.
  • Account funds awarded through The Academy Program to the participants’ tuition.

Responsibilities of The Christ Hospital Health Network:

  • Interview candidates to assure hiring eligibility prior to enrollment in The Academy Program enrollment.
  • Upon completion of The Academy Program, offer positions to all eligible graduates.
  • Provide high quality work environment to encourage students to join and remain in the workforce.


Victoria Morell - Director of Career Management and Talent Partner


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