Tiffany Embry, RN (Class of 2022): She’s All About Her Patients!

Tiffany Embry recently joined Christ Hospital’s Cardiovascular Stepdown unit as a newly graduated RN. Two-time nominated Student of the Week honoree, Tiffany was well on her way to making a difference on the clinical floor even before graduation Spring 2022. Seeing her hard work pay off as she balanced family, job, and a fast-paced Accelerated BSN program, Tiffany says, “It feels so good to have achieved this goal. Words cannot express it.”

Going from classroom to career in The Christ Hospital’s Critical Care Nurse Residency Program, Tiffany says she loves the team-oriented atmosphere in CVSU, adding, “I am learning so many new things each day!” She thanks her education at The Christ College for giving her “…THE BEST clinical instructors. Their training, along with knowledgeable and welcoming preceptors, educators, and coworkers has truly helped me to transition to practice.” She continues, “Because of them, I feel empowered to operate in this new role with confidence and competence.”

Only months into her career journey, Tiffany knows she is positively impacting patient lives. Admired for her sound clinical judgement and patient advocacy, Tiffany was recognized for her critical thinking and swift response on several occasions during student rotations. Now, working as a licensed RN, Tiffany sees the gratitude from patients as she strives to find ways to better serve them, often going above and beyond. “Just today”, she says, “the person I was caring for expressed his gratitude several times before leaving. I will continue to advocate and show compassion to all entrusted in my care. I know I am in the right place.”


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