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  • Abby McConnell BSN Student
    TCCNHS has provided me with a second family, as well as an amazing education. We are provided with quality study areas and understanding, well-educated professors.
  • Alondra Cassidy, RN RN-BSN Student
    The RN to BSN program gave me the opportunity to successfully transition into obtaining my BSN degree while working and being a mother full-time.
  • Alice Moody BSN Student
    After working in the health care field for over 5 years, I decided to pursue a career in nursing. I knew that attending The Christ College of Nursing would be a great fit for me.

Which program suits you?

  1. Do you hold a Bachelor’s Degree in a different field and want to make the switch to nursing?

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  2. Associate of Applied Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography – Cardiovascular

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  3. The Associate of Science in General Studies degree is a good option for a student who is seeking a two year degree that will give them a strong foundation in the Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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  4. With an expected job growth of 20% between 2016-2026, future careers in Healthcare Administration look promising.

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  5. Perfect for the student new to nursing and seeking an accelerated Bachelor experience.

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  6. Our Medical Assisting pathway gives students the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in health care. The program is both affordable and flexible. Students complete a mix of online and face-to-face courses on the campus of Cincinnati's most preferred hospital! Start your health care career today!

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  7. Are you already a registered nurse looking to continue your education? Our affordable, fully online program is a great option.

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The College offers numerous resources aimed at supporting students in their pursuit of higher education. From tutoring to aid and from academic advising to testing accommodations, The Christ College provides the resources that students need to be successful.

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Although the College sits on the large campus of The Christ Hospital Health Network, our students routinely remark about how the small campus feel of the College is one reason they feel deeply connected to the faculty, staff, and other students.

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Dominque Harper, ABSN
Brady Eckert – BSN
Benoit Bouda, BSN
Diana Stanze, BSN
Sarah Schwing, BSN
Rachel Bogart, BSN
Taylor Ayer, ABSN
Colin Ingram, ABSN
Olivia Jones, MA
The ABSN program is a great fit for me because of the abundance of support that I receive from clinical faculty that have become mentors that encourage me to push myself and become a better nurse every day.
I chose to attend The Christ College because it has a reputation for having a strong curriculum that really prepares you to excel in your future career as a nurse. The professors are extremely helpful and give you the resources and support you need in order to succeed. I’m currently working as a PCA, which is helping me become acclimated to the healthcare environment, and I get to learn about the career I’m starting by getting to work side-by-side with nurses.
I am touched by the quality of teaching and the commitment of the staff to assist with student needs. I am looking forward to working as a nurse someday, hopefully at The Christ Hospital, and would like to advance my education and nursing career at some point.
I love that the curriculum in every class is related to what we will see as future nurses. Every class you take relates to real world scenarios, which I believe makes learning much easier and more applicable. The professors are wonderful and do a great job at answering any questions we have. Knowing the college is highly ranked, I was also surprised at how easy and simple they made the admissions process.
I chose The Christ College because I will never have to feel pressured to compete for a spot in clinical. Unlike other schools, I am guaranteed a clinical spot, no matter what my ranking is in my class. When I first came for a tour, everyone was so accepting and helpful, which made me feel right at home. Since I have been a student here, everyone has gone out of their way to make sure that I am successful. The class sizes are small which makes me feel like I can connect with my classmates and professors.
I love the encouraging and incredibly helpful faculty and staff. My professors and instructors genuinely wish for their students to succeed and will do everything in their powers to make that happen.
I looked at nursing schools throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, and I chose The Christ college because of the affordability and amazing reviews. I have family friends who are in the medical field, and they have said that they prefer to hire graduates of Christ because they are more prepared upon graduating than graduates of other programs.
I decided to go into nursing because it allows for a purpose-driven career with the benefits of job security and the ability to constantly learn and better myself in the field. I specifically chose the Christ College's ABSN program because of the relative affordability, and more importantly, the program is appropriately reputable with a great facility. I am currently going through the hiring process at the Christ hospital as a surgical staff assistant and have an initial goal of being a team member in the OR when I graduate next spring.
The program has provided a solid foundation of lab skills and hands-on clinical experience, such as emergency and diagnostic procedures, which have made me the MA I am now. I am also learning so many new things on the job, building on the knowledge I received in the program. I love the small class sizes and support I receive from my professors and classmates, and now I love working as a medical assistant alongside healthcare providers.

The Christ College can get you there.

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